EHL Institute of Real Estate Finance and Economics

Sharing Expertise on Hospitality Real Estate, Finance & Economics

Created in 2018, the Real Estate, Finance & Economics (REFE) Institute unites EHL’s leading subject-experts to foster thought leadership through research, publication, events and education and to bridge the gap between academic research and industry practice in REFE areas.
The Institute serves as a platform for REFE knowledge creation where academics and industry professionals can exchange and develop ideas and resources on REFE topics.
The Institute provides a range of services giving access to a team of award-winning faculty members from different quantitatively-focused research areas. Collaborators can engage our affiliated faculty members for research or pedagogically oriented projects related to their areas of expertise.

Up-coming Events

7th Hospitality Finance & Economics Conference

HFE 2023 will be held at EHL Campus (Singapore) & Pan Pacific Orchard on June 26-27, 2023.


Speaking Engagements & Events

Our affiliated faculty members welcome invitations to participate in discussions for TV channels, news outlets, conferences and organizations, where they enthusiastically share their knowledge and opinions on various topics related to their areas of specialization.

Additionally, the Institute hosts specialized events on the Lausanne campus where faculty and students are present. These events provide opportunities for guest speakers and event sponsorship to raise brand awareness for your company or project. We also host private workshops for teams of staff to develop specific competencies, with the option to enjoy EHL’s excellent facilities and restaurants.

Research Services

Faculty members affiliated to the REFE Institute are constantly involved with high-quality academic research targeting publication in academic journals and applied research designed for industry outlets.

Publishing: To address specific research questions, our team of experts creates publishable reports, papers, articles, book chapters and books.  The team engages with individuals or organization who collaborate with us in consolidating and interpreting data and conducting further research.

Grant Applications: For organizations and individuals interested in applying for research grants, our faculty can be a valuable resource for collaboration and procedural guidance.

Latest Webinars


EHL academic and business experts discuss with hospitality industry leaders on how to rebound after the Coronavirus crisis.

  • The future of Real Estate
  • International Hotel Transactions During the Covid-19 Crisis

Initiatives & Insights

European Hotel Transaction Price Index, 2021
EHL’s Institute of Real Estate, Finance & Economics is pleased to present the first update of the European Hotel Transaction Price Index that was initially launched in 2020. This project aims to contribute to increased transparency in the European hotel industry by publishing the index on an annual basis. EHL’s European Hotel Transaction Price Index takes into account 10 different hedonic factors, ranging from variables capturing a hotel’s location, building quality and size, to its operating structure.

European Hotel Transaction Price Index, 2020
EHL’s Real Estate, Finance & Economics Institute presents the first edition of the European Hotel Transaction Price Index. This project aims to contribute to increased transparency in the European hotel industry by publishing the index on an annual basis.

Hotel Market Equilibrium (Cycle) Index
Our team has collaborated with a globally leading hospitality data provider and has developed international Hotel Market Equilibrium indices. This index provides an overview of specific hotel markets and clarifies which stage of the cycle a market is currently in. It is designed to help industry professionals to plan for new supply in the medium term and room pricing in the short term. The index is renewed every year with updates on a monthly frequency.

EHL European Hotel Market Survey
In collaboration with a global event management company, the REFE Institute is developing a framework for survey-based indicators of hotel ownership markets in Europe with a particular focus on capitalization rate and investor confidence.

European Hotel Valuation Index
The REFE Institute has collaborated with a major US-based real estate data provider to develop European hotel valuation index. The index applies a hedonic valuation method to track the movement in hotel pricing. The index helps with hotel valuation and investment decisions and is updated twice a year.

Hospitality Real Estate & Finance Articles
Our faculty members regularly contribute thought leadership and opinion articles on the subject of Hospitality Real Estate & Finance for the Hospitality Insights blog of EHL.